Your employees speak up,  

We collect, assess and Recommend 

AND you decide.

choose between

Two Key Solutions

yoke Integrity

Your employees want to speak-up?

We combine a secure Whistleblowing web-solution and the initial case assessment of fraud, corruption and many other malpractices in the workplace to help you to decide whether to investigate or not. If required, we and our network of international forensic experts support you in investigating the incidents - fully Independent and professional.

yoke Human Resources

Your employees feel (sexually) harassed, mobbed or unfair treated?

We collect their reports , assess the incidents and make recommendations for potential follow-up actions. You then decide whether to investigate further.
If required, we help you interviewing victims , witnesses and potential perpetrators and support in investigating - independently and professionally.

yoke Service

The service includes a web-based reporting channel (secure and state-of the art), a professional case assessment and strategic advice on how to follow up on incidents. 

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