"Save Time and Money.
Yoke with us and
focus on what is worth investigating"

"Traditional whistle-blowing hotline solutions are quite pricy and are limited to the IT tool and infrastructure only. For a fixed montly rate, you will get case assessment support included.
We believe this is where the real saving potential is: by making a professional case assessment, you can focus your follow-up actions on relevant matters and save costs for (external) investigations. Moreover, you can free up more time for your daily work."
(Peter Jonker, Partner 4N6 Factory Ltd)

Standard Tool Features

  • Secure state-of-the art web-based whistle-blowing platform (www.moralmaps.com)
  • All new data protection laws and regulations taken into account
  • Swiss+ language package (German/French/Italian/English)
  • First 3 initial case assessments included
  • Additional case assessments packages at a fixed price
  • Up to 10 tool administrators/users

Optional Features & Services

  • Case assessment tool
  • Additional languages
  • Additional tool users
  • Custom tools
  • Translation services
  • Investigation support & access to subject-matter experts of the international network
  • Compliance helpline
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